Industrial automation

Industial automation

Industial Automation

Business-Soft is a quality driven solutions company from Estonia providing products, software, system integration and engineering services to the industrial and municipal markets. Founded in 1993, the company specializes in monitoring system and supervisory control and data acquisition.

Industial Automation

We have extensive experience in SCADA systems, and specific experience with RTU's, PLC's, M2M communications, industrial networking and instrumentation devices. This includes hardware specification and procurement, panel building, and system integration and testing.

PLC/RTU System Design

Business-Soft is an independent industrial SCADA system designer and integrator. We do however recommend, and have decades of experience designing, installing, and supporting sites using Sixnet controllers.


Controller Programming

Processes are tightly controlled and independent of communication loss with the host when controller logic takes care of business. Business-Soft develops controller software in the industry-standard IEC-61131 languages for self-documentation and easy maintenance. Sophisticated hot-backup scenarios make sure the process doesn't skip a beat.


Linux IPM Controller Programming

Business-Soft is qualified to develop Linux-based software for your Sixnet IPM controllers in cases where IEC-61131 languages can't get it done. See us about drivers for speciality equipment or protocols.

Sixnet RTU

Conventional Sites

Business-Soft is also experienced using open-architecture interfaces and protocols such as Ethernet TCP/IP and Modbus. We build systems that are completely open to non-proprietary expansion, making it possible for our clients to have a multitude of choices in the future.


Software Expertise

SCADA HMI design and configuration, one of a kind protocols, Delphi, C++, and VB software, SQL databases, network design and more to give you a complete system. For small users, Business-Soft has developed its own SCADA platform, which provides an efficient level of data collection and display, as well as process control. We also seamlessly deliver process data to integrated business databases for enterprise utilization.


System Integration Expertise

Business-Soft relieves the client from the stresses of project implementation by taking full responsibility for the complete system, including hardware specifications, electro-mechanical and software installation, integration and testing, and documentation and training.


Long-Term Support

Business-Soft has been busy designing and implementing systems for 19 years. We actively support and upgrade client systems BS installed decades ago. Business-Soft has a solid track record of supporting our clients for the long-haul.




"Estonia is one of the three Baltic countries, together with Latvia and Lithuania, located in northern Europe, with a population of 1.4 million people and a land area of 45,100 km2. In 1991 it regained its independence."

Additional information from Elster Profiles (PDF)



ELSTER-INSTROMET Profiles 2/2012

New highlight: volume conversion device EK280

As of the end of the year, the new Elster volume conversion device EK280 will start to gradually replace its successful predecessor, the EK260. And the new addition is a genuine star of the future. Not just its display – the housing is also larger than on the EK260. This allows a GSM/GPRS modem and a power supply unit to be integrated for a whole host of applications.

Additional information from Elster Profiles (PDF)